Request for Quote – Move Garage on Barber Street

The City of Bessemer is accepting sealed bids for the garage at 1802 Barber St. The bidder must guarantee that they will move the garage and all its contents to their own property and remove the concrete slab. See specifications which are available at City Hall or online at The bids will be publicly opened at 11:00 on Thursday, April 12th at City Hall, 411 S Sophie, Bessemer, MI 49911.

Specification for Moving Small Garage at 1802 Barber St Structures

  1. Contact MISS DIG 1-800-482-7171 or 811.
  2. The slab must be removed below grade.
  3. All items in garage must be removed from site.
  4. All material subject to decay is to be removed from the site. Contact Building Department
    before filling in basement. Excavation is to be filled to grade with sand properly compacted and finished with a minimum of 4” of top soil seeded and mulched. All other debris is to be removed from the site.
  5. All debris shall be disposed at a licensed landfill.
  6. Site shall be restored with topsoil, final grading, seed, and mulch.
  7. The applicant shall be responsible for all permits and insurance requirements including a building permit. See Ordinance 361. From Ordinance 361: No person shall move, transport or convey any building, machinery, truck or trailer more than eight (8) feet, eight (8) inches wide or higher than thirteen (13) feet, six (6) inches above the surface of the roadway into, across or along any street or other public place in the city without first obtaining a permit from the City Manager. The applicant shall file written clearances from the light, telephone, gas, water utilities, and any other affected utilities, stating that all connections have been properly cut off and, where necessary, all obstructions along the proposed route of moving will be removed without delaying moving operations. In addition, clearance shall be obtained from the County Sheriff approving the proposed route through the city streets and the time of moving. The applicant shall deposit with the city the total estimated cost to the public works department plus a cash deposit and a liability insurance policy in the amount of $2,000,000.

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