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Be a Part of History

We Need Your Help! Be a Part of History by helping us build the Bessemer Trailhead!

Our community wants to build a trailhead behind city hall along the Iron Belle Trail. Now with the expansion into Ramsay, this trail continues to connect our communities and we want to have a beautiful, safe, and comfortable place for residents and visitors to access the trail as well as welcoming those using the trail into our beautiful downtown.

The trailhead will provide parking, easy access to the trail, restroom, water-bottle filling station, a picnic area, a place for children to safely learn how to bicycle, and a fire pit.

To help with the costs of building this community area, we are looking for your help and are offering sponsorship opportunities and brick sales. The bricks for sale could include your name, the name of a loved one, or a message of your choosing.  Please, help us make this a reality in Bessemer!

Be Outdoors

Be Bessemer - Episode 4

Bessemer provides you with endless opportunities to get outdoors and get exploring - regardless of the season. The Brushaber Family takes complete advantage of living in "Big Snow Country". Spend your day with family and friends snowmobiling, skating, tubing, or snowshoeing down the scenic trails to find frozen waterfalls. Whatever you choose to do - we hope you choose to #BeTogether while you experience all that Bessemer has to offer.

Be Involved

The life of a city are its residents. You make the City of Bessemer an amazing place to live. Find opportunities to be active in your community and attend public events.


Thinking of Starting a Business? We Can Help!

The City of Bessemer Downtown Development Authority offers assistance to entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the City of Bessemer

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