City Hall open for Cash Payments and by appointment

June 15, 2020

While the City of Bessemer is strongly discouraging cash payments at this time to minimize the spread of the virus, we understand you may not have other options. To pay with cash, please enter in the library entrance and call upstairs using the provided phone or your personal cell phone to be let in. Masks are required and we have extras if you forget yours. We will not be assessing late fees for this pay cycle because the notice is so short. We will begin assessing late fees for the residential bills due August.

City Hall is also open for appointments. We strongly encourage a phone call or zoom meeting to address most needed items however, somethings need to be done in person. If this is the case call 906-663-4311 to set up an appointment or email the person you wish to meet with. Once more, masks are required for any in-person meetings. Please enter the library entrance for your meeting and call upstairs to be let in.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to keep our employees safer and minimize the spread of the virus.