Accepting Applications for Clerk/Treasurer – Closed

August 31, 2023

*EDIT 9/26/23:

The Clerk/Treasurer position has been filled and the City is no longer accepting new applications for the Clerk/Treasurer position.*

The City of Bessemer is seeking candidates for a Clerk-Treasurer. This is a full-time position which includes a 2% defined benefit pension plus other benefits. Base salary is $56,000 but negotiable depending on qualifications and experience.

The City is looking for a self-starter with an accounting or similar degree. Please submit a resume to the City Manager at jennifer.adams@cityofbessemer.org. Please indicate if you would like your application kept confidential. Applications will be accepted until end of business on Friday, September 8, 2023.

City of Bessemer
Job Description
City Clerk/Treasurer

Position Summary: The City Clerk/ Treasurer is responsible for the overall financial management and keeping of legal documents of the City under the direction of the City Manager and the City Council.
Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for all accounting functions, month end financial statements, and assisting auditor for year-end audit
    • Send out and collect property taxes
    • Manage City investments within Michigan Municipal Law
    • Conduct all elections according to Michigan Election Law
    • Attend and keep minutes of all meetings of the City Council
    • Responsible for maintenance and safekeeping of City documents, records, files, etc.
    • Responsible for collection of all monies owed to the City and timely deposits thereof
    • Work with and coordinate responsibilities with County Clerk, County Treasurer, County Equalization Director, City Assessor and other various entities
    • Oversee utility billing, accounts payable and payroll
    • Keep up to date on State issues and new laws relevant to City business
    • FOIA coordinator
    • Perform any and all duties and assignment as directed by the City Manager

Preferred qualifications for employment:

    • Extensive knowledge of general accounting procedures, ideally experience in governmental accounting.
    • A bachelor’s degree in accounting, financing, or a similar field.
    • A knowledge of operating computers and common software.
    • The ability to direct and schedule duties and work effectively with other departments, the public, and other governmental agencies.
    • Able to communicate effectively in writing and public speaking. Must be able to serve the public in a courteous and knowledgeable manner.


Updated 8/31/2023