Bessemer Winter Day

Winter is the season that the U.P. is famous for. With some locations getting as much as 200 inches of snow a year, this is the place to be for winter sports lovers.

Wake up to a nice warm breakfast, either at home or at a local café. Bread of Life Bakery and Café has great breakfast options. Prepare a thermos or two of hot water for Hot Chocolate and pack plenty of outdoor gear (including those extra socks!)


  • The ski resorts are bustling with activity, and the downhill skiing and snowboarding resorts: Blackjack and Powderhorn are full of activity. These resorts are like small towns themselves with lodging, restaurants, and events of their own. For cross country skiing or snowshoeing, go to ABR Active Backwoods Retreat. Located on Pioneer Road in Ironwood, this system offers over 74km of trails. They also offer on and off-site lodging from luxury houses to rustic cabins.


  • The Iron Belle Trail is also popular with snowshoe walkers and running throughout the season.  Bluff Valley Park also comes alive with forested snowshoe trails, easier along the park trails with more challenging trails leading up the bluff. There is no official sledding hill at the park, but there are many places in the park that supports safe sledding. From making snowmen and snow angels to snowball fights and winter forts all outdoor activities are welcome at the park.




  • For other lunch and dinner options, Tacconelli’s, Bread of Life, and The Pit Stop, offer signature dishes with local ingredients.  Fish fry is also a very popular dinner choice in our area. Many restaurants offer Friday Fish Fry but these places fill up fast so be sure to make reservations.