Downtown Development Authority


Are you thinking about starting a business in the area?  Bessemer is the perfect place to make your small business dreams come true and the Bessemer Downtown Development Authority wants to help!

The Pop-Up Shop program from the Bessemer DDA helps new business owners get off the ground and make their idea a reality! If you want to open a business in the downtown district of Bessemer you could be eligible for assistance on rent and building upgrades.

Assistance available

  • Up to $500/ month in rental reimbursement assistance for up to 3 months followed up by 6 months of reimbursement at 50%.
  • 1:1 dollar match for upgrades with owners approval up to $500.

Contact the Samantha at 906-663-4311 for more information.

Eligible buildings downtown can apply to improve their exteriors. An outline of the program can be found here. Contact Samantha at 906-663-4311 or at with any questions or for more information.

2022 Meeting Schedule

The Bessemer Downtown Development Authority meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM, unless there is a conflict with holidays, in the Council Chambers at City Hall located at 411 S Sophie, Bessemer, MI 49911.

• January 12th
• February 9th
• March 9th
• April 13th
• May 11th
THURSDAY, June 9th
• July 13th
TUESDAY, August 16th
• TUESDAY, September 6th
• October 12th
• November 9th
• December 14th

All meetings are open to members of the public under Michigan’s Open Meetings Act. This notice is posted in compliance with Public Act 267 of 1976, as amended. The Open Meetings Act, MCL41.72a (2) (3) and the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact Bessemer’s Clerk at 906-667-0333 at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Suggested Businesses

The  Downtown Development Authority and Be Bessemer Committee both sat down and brainstormed which businesses may do well in our community. Obviously, we can’t guarantee success, but we thought people looking at owning their own business may find our thoughts helpful. We recommend entrepreneurs do their own research and market study prior to opening a business. This is by no means an end all, be all type list.

Current Contracts

Staff Contact

Samantha Dorr, Secretary 

906-663-4311 ext. 108

Board Members

  • Stephanie Matonich
  • Dave Osier, Chair
  • Adam Zak, City Council Representative
  • Dan Whitburn
  • Cheryl Leskoviansky
  • Kady Meinke
  • Harry Swanson
  • Brandon Bromley
  • Vacant

If you are interested in being on the board, download our application and send it in! Here is a copy of the orientation agenda. There is currently one opening on the board.

Current Savings

The City of Bessemer DDA does not hold on to Tax Increment Financing funds for 5 years or longer.