Bessemer's Hillcrest cemetery is overseen by Dan Matonich. He has been with the city since 1995.

The cemetery is closed from November 1st to April 15th. When the cemetery is open, Dan can be reached at (906) 663-4831. For out of season assistance, call city hall.

Make Payments

Please pay at City Hall with cash, check, or with a card. Our upstairs desk is open to take cash, checks, or with a card. All doors are open. You may call 906-663-4311 ext. 1 to pay with a card over the phone. If the stairs are a challenge, please enter near the library entrance and either use the phone in the entrance or call upstairs at 906-663-4311 ext. 1 and someone will come down and take your payment. You can also mail checks to City Hall, 411 S Sophie, Bessemer, MI 49911.

Hillcrest Cemetery in Bessemer

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

No trees, shrubs, bushes or flowers may be planted on lots, or at any place within the cemetery, unless permission is first granted by the Sexton.

Removal of Plantings.
If the Sexton shall deem it necessary or desirable, he/she may remove any trees, shrubs, bushes, flowers or any other plants from any place within the cemetery.

Flower Containers.
No vases, urns, flowerpots or other containers for flowers shall be placed anywhere within the cemetery except in accordance with regulations made by the City Council, or with the permission of the Sexton.

One container per person, and baskets should be no more than 8” x 22” x 18” in size and weigh no more that thirty-five (35) pounds.
Baskets/flowers may be placed in the cemetery one (1) week before Memorial Day, and must be removed within ten (10) days after Labor Day.