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Bessemer is the perfect place to call home, with a tight knit community nestled among the outdoors.  Reasonably priced homes, great schools, and a location with wilderness in your backyard, a quiet welcoming community,  and access to cities a short drive away, make Bessemer a great place to raise a family.

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How Does Living in Bessemer Compare?

Based on a $50,000/year salary, compare costs in Bessemer to other areas of the country.  You'll find most of the things you love right here with much, much lower costs of living.

Average Home Price: $50,000

Average Commute Time: 14.7 Minutes

Average Time to Airport: 10 Minutes

 BessemerSanta CruzDenverMinneapolis
Take Home Salary$3,260.00$3,234.00$3,249.00$3,204.00
Monthly Rent (1 Bedroom)$453.62$1,697.00$1,540.00$1,566.00
Cost of Car$509.27$516.45$424.22$442.18
One Dinner Out/Week (2 People)$120.00$360.00$240.00$240.00
Cost of Microbrew Beer$5.00$12.00$12.00$12.00
Health Insurance$298.00$362.31$311.51$327.22
15% Saved for Retirement$489.00$485.10$487.35$480.60
Miscellaneous Costs$150.00$150.00$150.00$150.00
Leftover After Expenses$835.11(-$748.86)(-$316.08)(-$414.00)

Take Home Salary: $50,000 income using smart asset take home calculator
Average Rent: Bessemer, city study; Santa Cruz,; Minneapolis, trends/; Denver,
Cost of Car: (Michigan car insurance expected to drop significantly in July 2020)
Insurance: Silver Plan from Value Penguin for each state

Economic Mobility

Bessemer is old fashioned in all the right ways. In Bessemer, people of all economic backgrounds live in the same community and go to the same school. This means that our county has the highest rates of economic mobility in Michigan. This means that a child born in the bottom 20% of the income distribution has the highest chance of making it to the top 20% in their lifetime in the State of Michigan. To learn more visit So no matter your economic and social position, your child will get to know children of all backgrounds to help them become well rounded and have the best chance for success.


Here in Bessemer, we value nature. With over 100 acres of parks in the City of Bessemer, thousands of acres of pristine national forest surrounding the town, and access to the world's largest fresh water lake, we take care of what we value. We are one of the few rural communities where single stream, curb side recycling comes standard. Likewise, people living here are provided with electricity from Xcel Energy. Xcel Energy has very ambitious clean energy goals. Currently 54% of their energy in Michigan is carbon free with only 23% of their energy coming from coal. Their goal is to provide carbon free energy by 2050 and to have reduced carbon emissions by 80% in 2030 compared to their 2005 levels. In 2019 they had already reduced their levels by 44%.  Check out more details at By living in Bessemer, you are putting your values first.


Living in Bessemer can make home ownership a reality. With over half of our houses having a price of less than $50,000 (2015 American Community Survey), homeownership is very obtainable. We also have a diversity of homes ranging from downtown apartments to large, two story historic homes, ranch houses, and everything in between. For more information about purchasing a home, contact a local real estate agent.

If you are interested in building. We have lots for sale.

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Tiny Houses in Bessemer

The City of Bessemer welcomes the Tiny House Movement! The Planning commission recently passed an ordinance outlining the use of tiny houses in the city. Are Tiny Houses right for you?  Build yours here in Bessemer on an empty lot or add one in your backyard for family members, guests, and others!

View the Tiny Houses Ordinance >>



Centered in the Bluffs, the City of Bessemer fully utilizes our four seasons. As such we have numerous jobs pertaining to outdoor recreation. We also utilize our natural resources with several wood based industries.  As the county seat we have many government jobs as well. There is a strong desire within the community to diversify Bessemer’s economy, providing a variety of new sustainable jobs within the City.

In addition to this diversification, the community is also strongly committed to revitalizing their existing downtown business district. For more information about developing and diversifying our workforce, contact our DDA staff at 906-663-4311 ext. 101.

Contact Michigan Works ( for more information about employment opportunities.

Things to Do in the Area

Local Events

The area is brimming with amazing events that will keep you busy all year long.  From the brimming local music scene playing at area establishments, regional musical acts at the ski hills, seasonal festivals, sporting events, guided hikes and bike tours, and more, you will find ample ways to keep busy.  To keep up with the latest events in the area, visit, the local events calendar.

Meetup Groups

Although not very well known, there are a number of Local Meet-Up Groups for a wide array of activities.  Biking, volleyball,  music, history, and foreign wars are just a few of the topics that members gather for.  One of the reasons these groups are not well known is because they are generally hard to find.  If you are interested in joining any local gatherings, click below and see what kind of groups are currently meeting.


Arts & Theatre

The Bessemer area is lucky to be surrounded by a vibrant arts and theatre community.  In nearby Ironwood, we have two amazing community theaters which run a range of programming from musical acts, live plays, classic movies, dance performances, and more.  There's plenty of room to be involved in whatever way you'd like from attending a show to acting, directing, or volunteering.  Nearby Downtown Ironwood is also home to the Downtown Art Place, a community art gallery, studio, and creative space. Local artists can use facilities to practice their craft and sell their work in the gallery.  Budding artists can take one of their many classes on painting, pottery, and many other types of art for both adults and children.  Local artists also operate studios showcasing their work and provide classes throughout Bessemer and surrounding communities.

Historic Ironwood Theatre Website >>
Theatre North Website >>
Downtown Art Place Website >>


Outdoor Recreation

Bessemer is located in the middle of an outdoor recreation paradise. Miles of trials for cross country skiing, mountain biking, walking, snowshoeing, and more run through the area. Rivers, waterfalls, rock bluffs, and other natural wonder await in the woods outside your backyard where you can explore and find that secret spot for hunting, fishing, foraging, or just relaxing. Five great downhill ski areas give you terrain of all varieties and skill levels and without having to plan that big ski trip.  With the shores of Lake Superior just down the road, you can take in the majesty of the "Big Lake" and hop in for a swim or paddle whenever you want. Take a short trip to the Porcupine Mountains, the Northwoods of Wisconsin, or the Keweenaw Peninsula.  You will find you can do the activities you love on a daily basis with all that's available in your backyard in Bessemer.


Our Schools

The Bessemer Schools serves about 424 students in grades k-12. Bessemer affords a tradition for high academic success and boosts a rich history in the arts and athletics. Examining post-secondary students and standardized test scores, our District has diverse and compelling measures of success–results that families and communities understand and value. The Bessemer School District affords an outstanding staff and students.

Our staff and students can adapt quickly to the ever changing educational environment. The District is continually maintaining and investing in programs for our students, updating technology, maintaining our buildings/grounds, and improving security/safety. The District realizes it cannot do it all, so what we do, we do exceptionally well. We have engaged the City to help in the education process and improve the community we live and serves. 

New Resident Information

We know it's hard to figure everything out when you're new in town, so we've gathered some useful contact information to help you get started.


Sewer, Water, Garbage

  • Bessemer City Hall: (906) 667-0333
  • Republic Services: (715) 477-0077

Energy (Gas & Electric)

Internet, Cable, Phone

Emergency Assistance

  • Gogebic-Ontonagon Community Action Agency GOCAA: (906) 667-0283 (Website >>)
  • St. Vincent de Paul: (906) 663-0089
  • Michigan Department of Health and Human Services MDHHS: (906) 663-6200 (Website >>)
City & Local Services
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