Be Home

Bessemer is the perfect place to call home, with a tight community nestled among the outdoors.  Reasonably priced homes, great schools, and a location with both wilderness in your backyard, a quiet welcoming community,  and access to cities a short drive away, make Bessemer a great place to raise a family.


Living in Bessemer can make home ownership a reality. With over half of our houses having a price of less than $50,000 (2015 American Community Survey), homeownership is very obtainable. We also have a diversity of homes ranging from downtown apartments to large, two story historic homes, ranch houses, and everything in between. For more information about purchasing a home, contact a local real estate agent.


Centered in the Bluffs, the City of Bessemer fully utilizes our four seasons. As such we have numerous jobs pertaining to outdoor recreation. We also utilize our natural resources with several wood based industries.  As the county seat we have many government jobs as well. There is a strong desire within the community to diversify Bessemer’s economy, providing a variety of new sustainable jobs within the City.

In addition to this diversification, the community is also strongly committed to revitalizing their existing downtown business district. For more information about developing and diversifying our workforce, contact our city manager at 906-663-4311.

Contact Michigan Works ( for more information about employment opportunities.

Local Meet-Up Groups

Although not very well known, there are a number of Local Meet-Up Groups for a wide array of activities.  Biking, volleyball,  music, history, and foreign wars are just a few of the topics that members gather for.  One of the reasons these groups are not well known is because they are generally hard to find.  If you are interested in joining any local gatherings, click below and see what kind of groups are currently meeting.

Our Schools

The Bessemer Schools serves about 424 students in grades k-12. Bessemer affords a tradition for high academic success and boosts a rich history in the arts and athletics. Examining post-secondary students and standardized test scores, our District has diverse and compelling measures of success–results that families and communities understand and value. The Bessemer School District affords an outstanding staff and students.

Our staff and students can adapt quickly to the ever changing educational environment. The District is continually maintaining and investing in programs for our students, updating technology, maintaining our buildings/grounds, and improving security/safety. The District realizes it cannot do it all, so what we do, we do exceptionally well. We have engaged the City to help in the education process and improve the community we live and serves. 

New Resident Information

We know it's hard to figure everything out when you're new in town, so we've gathered some useful contact information to help you get started.


Sewer, Water, Garbage

  • Bessemer City Hall: (906) 667-0333

Energy (Gas & Electric)

Internet, Cable, Phone

Emergency Assistance

  • Gogebic-Ontonagon Community Action Agency: (906) 667-0283 (Website >>)
  • St. Vincent de Paul: (906) 663-0089
City & Local Services
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