Make Payments Simply.
The City of Bessemer now accepts credit and debit card payments through GovPayNet. Payments can be made with a major credit, debit or prepaid debit card.

This page is to make miscellaneous payments, to pay taxes click here and to pay water/sewer/garbage bills click here.

Authorized cards are MasterCard / VISA / American Express / Discover / Debit

Payments can be made for utilities such as water and sewer and miscellaneous fees such as building permit, park rental, cemetery lot purchase, perpetual care, grave opening, grass cutting, etc.

To make a payment, you will need the following:
* Name of Person for Whom Payment is Being Made
* Account Number (for utility bills)
* Purpose of Payment (for miscellaneous payments)
* Phone Number

A processing fee will be charged for use of this payment method. The fee schedule can be found here.

GovPayNet is a privately contracted credit and debit card processor under an agreement with the agency intended to receive payment. If the payment is bail or bail-related, GovPayNet is the merchant of record, providing a remote cash bail processing service. For all Other Payments, the collecting agency is the merchant. If you have any questions about GovPayNet’s role, please discuss them with the contracting agency.